Sunday, March 22, 2009

Monday 19 Jan 2009 w/Kyoko

Kyoko and I met kind of early in the morning, at about 9:30 (It's very early, at least, for me!) because we had to go my grand-ma's place to take picture of her rooms. Kyoko said that she had been to a couple of other places already. Jieun's grand-ma's place was one of them and the other I do not remember.

Anyways it was the first time I went to accompany Kyoko to an old person's place for Kyoko's work and I was excited but also nervous simultaneously. We planed to meet in front of my place. And she was already there as I went to down the stairs with her big smiles, which I like a lot.

At first we planed to go there by subway, but I changed my mind and forced her to get a taxi with me because she had a heavy camera bag and a huge tripod. (Well, nevertheless, soon after, I got accustomed to see her with those bags and we eventually took public transportation all the time, except when we went to Yumri-dong to where we went at least three times together. It's near our neighborhood but inconvenient to get a subway or bus, too far to walk, and it's almost same price as take a taxi there as subway fee).

My grand-ma lives at an apartment which is old but is in a nice neighborhood. When we arrived there she took a picture of the apartment complex. She did that probably because she thought the apartment was very old and it looked a bit gloomy. It's old after all! However she was surprised that the rooms were actually not bad at all and have wonderful view.

My mom and grand-ma welcomed her warmly and while she was setting her camera on tripod and taking pictures of the bedroom and other rooms, they prepared lunch for us.

My grand-ma has lived in that apartment room for more than 20 years all alone. And she is 88 years old. She is neat, active, organized and very independent woman. Even now, she goes to the gym every morning.

It seems to me Kyoko has been interested in bedrooms the most but for my grand-ma's place, she liked some exercise machines in the corner of a small room. She said they were cute. 'Funny!', I thought. But they were actually very cute. She has her own aesthetic sensibility and I loved it ever since I saw her art at her blog for the first time. And that's why I decided to be her assistant (and interpreter). It was fun to follow her and see what she was going to take pictures of.

While we were having lunch my grand-ma told us about her travel stories all over world : how she liked Hokkaido Yuki Matsuri (a snow festival), how awesome Africa was, etc. And she talked about her daughters and sons and so on. Kyoko never got bored and was smiling all along nodding her head every moment even if she couldn't understand most of what my grand-ma said (haha!). My grand-ma liked her very much, I could tell!
One small problem was we had to eat and eat and EAT! They forced it on us - so much food! So as we left my grand-ma's, we could barely straighten our backs and it was hard to breathe!

It was very cold outside but was a beautiful day. We enjoyed the sun on the way back.

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